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Each type of reading is unique..if you have any questions which type of reading is best for you, please feel free to contact Chris directly:


Chris Burnett

2300 Glencove Pl

Lynchburg, Va.






























Chris Burnett

Chris specializes in four different types of readings: Higher Self Readings, Shaman Readings, Warrior's Journey Readings, and "Our Lady" Readings. Each has its own purpose and each will help you feel growth and connection to yourself and Spirit. Please see the following descriptions to help you decide which type of reading best suits your current needs.

All readings can be done either in person or over the phone. Each reading will be recorded for you free of charge. Readings are recorded digitally and sent to you by email. Scroll to the bottom of the page for more information about over-the-phone reading and payments.



Description: Born with the ability to see and speak with Spirit Guides enables Chris to do psychic readings by speaking directly to your Higher Self and/or Guides. So often in life we need that little bit of extra help in making a decision or in knowing which way to go, and who better to advise than your own Guides. They can help you understand and resolve most anything.

Quite often the stumbling blocks that keep you from moving forward in life are unknown to you, especially when they stem from childhood or a past life. This is where the Guides help the most, by uncovering and helping to heal these blocks. And as Chris always says; "Who knows you better than your Guides?" People are often amazed at the personal knowledge their Guides bring into the readings.

Questions are allowed in the reading, even encouraged. The purpose of being able to speak directly with Spirit is to open a line of communication between you and your Higher Self. When decisions need to be made in life, having a clearer overview and energetic read on the matter helps tremendously.

Areas that can be covered in Higher Self readings:

Life Path & Destiny 
Career & Finances 
Health questions addressed* 
Most any question answered

Past Lives 
Pet Readings
Energy & Chakra scans 
House Readings and Clearings (have a pesky ghost around?)

Parents! Need help in understanding your children, no matter their age? Need advice on how to best appeal to them? The Guides are marvelous at helping parents and children...

*When addressing medical questions medical advice is not dispensed, nor encouraged...psychic readings are not meant to replace doctors.

Higher Self Readings are $55.00 for 1/2 hour and $95.00 for one hour.



Description:...In A Shaman's Reading you will journey with Chris on an energetic level to a place where the massive Shaman waits for you. The massive Shaman readings are beyond incredible as he specializes in separating the consciousness from the body so that your consciousness can travel far, far away to meet with very special Guides, special to you and you only. While your consciousness travels (you leave your body as in astral travel) he works on the body, specializing on the brain and third eye. One thing that can certainly be said about his readings is that they are highly transformational, and associated with new beginnings...very, very deep new beginnings.

As you enter the deep, expanded consciousness your truth will surface, both spiritually and physically. The expanded consciousness the Shaman provides gives you a marvelous look at who you truly are. It is hard to move on in life if you don't really know what is going on inside of you and that is what the Shaman readings offer...movement! Be aware that these Shaman readings can become quite deep, almost intimate, but also be aware of how powerful they are and how they are able to bring about great changes. They are one of the deepest readings you will ever experience.

Immediate testimonials have already come in from his readings because people so love his highly transformational energies and have been affected deeply.


Shaman Readings are a flat fee of $145.00, lasting typically 75 to 90 minutes. 




                                      "Our Lady Readings"

"Our Lady" appeared to Chris months ago and announced that she would begin doing energy/healing readings. Chris often says that "Our Lady" is a very special appearance of the highest consciousness she has ever seen in a reading. So often the person receiving the reading will refer to her as "Mother" in the middle of the reading, as Chris sometimes does too. Her most magnificent presence is an honor to witness and to be part of. She does your psychic reading along with the personal energy work.

"Our Lady" readings are based on $100.00 an hour and typically last 75 to 90 minutes.



Description:... Journey with me to the base of the mountain where figures drawn on the walls keep their ancient watch…or maybe we travel to the cave of skins where the air, dense with wisdom, whispers ever so softly as it gently strips away the barriers and reveals your greatest secrets nestled within your greatest strengths. Journey with me to the Native American Guides who hold your ceremony in the palms of their hands as they drum their way through your consciousness...can you hear them? Do you hear your call?

The Warrior’s Journey readings are Native American ceremonial readings designed to take you to a depth that is extremely difficult to reach without the help of special Guides. Though the roots of these readings stem from Native American consciousness, quite often we travel to star energy and/or the place of your origin. These ceremonies will reveal your purpose and your strengths and/or maybe remove any barriers you might have, and maybe even show your own unique mission in working with the Guides. Each ceremony is uniquely specific to the person receiving the reading. They will be very, very deep and time consuming. Most will last about two hours. They are priced more expensively because of the depths we go to and because of the energy required from me to do this travel. For years I have gone through ceremonies in meditation with the Native American Guides, ceremonies that were either healing or personally revealing, or both. Now I am deeply honored to be allowed to bring in others for their own ceremonies. As with all the readings I do this too may be done either in person or over the phone, and is recorded for you. $295.00



Description:...one question will be answered by email only. The question should be a one part question and can be any type of question...such as "Why was I born?" "Will I find my true love?” "Is this person right for me?" Or: "Should I open this business?" Questions will be answered within a day or two and the reply will be by email and email only. The one question readings are done by your Higher Self. Payment can be made at my website store by credit card, or by check or money order that may be sent to the address listed on this site. These readings are a flat fee of $35.00. Email me at chris@divineorder.com.



Payment...The readings can be easily paid for by going to the website store and simply clicking on the reading you desire. Credit cards are also accepted over the phone. Checks are accepted with prior arrangement.

I call you for the reading, USA, Canada, & internationally. Although all readings are recorded to the best of my ability, I cannot guarantee each tape or digital copy. For those of you living outside of the USA and Canada I have a Skype account and am able to do readings internationally. I am able to call your land line or cell phone through my computer line. Email or call me for further information...chris@divineorder.com

All readings are digitally recorded and sent to you by email. Recordings are not guaranteed however due to human error, and/or the Guides wishes.


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